• Make Your Property Burglar Proof with Aluminium Doors

    The 2013 Herald Sun newspaper states the outer suburbs of Melbourne to be some of the highest rated areas for break-ins and robbery. Statistics also show a huge change in Victoria's most affected spots for robbery.

    Every home owner in Melbourne believes in making their home burglar proof and has the deepest concerns for the well being of their loved ones and family. They are constantly on the lookout for information to upgrade the security of their home for the safety of their family.

    One of the best ways to promote security for your home is by opting for aluminium screen or entrance doors to create a fortress to guard your home, office or warehouse. This will help protect it from unwanted break-ins and secure your property on a higher level than a normal door helping you sleep at night with more ease.

    The Use of Aluminium is the Latest Fad All Over the Word.

    The use of aluminium doors is on the rise as it happens to be almost every builder's choice across the globe. Aluminium as a building material comes with several benefits. It is known to be one of the strongest metals, is durable, light, and easily available.

    Aluminium security door in MordiallocAluminium is known to be an excellent choice because of its resistance to all kinds of harsh weather. It is also easier to be moulded than most other metals and does not catch fire easily.

    Aluminium doors are also more benefiting compared to other materials used for doors such as PVC.

    • Light weighted with easy installation and repair.
    • Does not need frequent cleaning or high maintenance.
    • Tougher and more long lasting than PVC
    • Resistant to all kinds of harsh weather.
    • Low damage even under rough conditions or use.
    • Resistant to moss, fungus and rust.

    The Element of Design

    An entrance door is the first impression of a home from the outside. A beautiful entrance door promotes the beauty of the home and does not go unappreciated.

    Other than being preferred for their strength and durability aluminium doors are also preferred for being easy to mould into the most stylish designs and patterns.

    Building a new home or having a renovation done for your old home is not complete, without adding a well designed aluminium door to promote the elegance of your property. Aluminium screen doors are also a great option for extra security.


    Aluminium security door in BurwoodFeatures to look out for in aluminium doors in Melbourne:

    • Eliminator Crimp Locked Aluminium Frame
    • Hinges built from Stainless steel
    • Multiple Locking system
    • Nylon Fly Wire Mesh

    To upgrade the security or durability of your aluminium doors you can add these extra features:

    • DVA Limited Vision Mesh
    • Stainless Steel Mighty Mesh
    • Multi Way Dead Lock

    Purchasing security materials from a trustworthy dealer with a good reputation is a must when it comes to security doors.