• The Benefits of Having a Window Grille

    Still trying to decide whether you should go for window grilles? Read on!

    A window grille is an accessory to a window. While a majority of people associate security to it there are a good amount of people who see it as a way to enhance the exteriors of their home. 

    Available in several designs, both minimal and intricate, window grilles definitely add more detail. Largely designed with bars, the creativity with which security can be enhanced will often leave you surprised.  

    If you're reading this article you sure have an interest in the architecture and infrastructure of your home. Either that or you're considering going for this fixture to make your home more secure.

    Window grilles are constructed and then sometimes resized to suit the dimensions of the window. The security bars come in variety. There are some in which the distance between the bars vary. Then there are others in which the thickness of each bar varies. 

    Window bars in CarltonColour and materials used too play an important role. In order to make a decision on whether you should be making this investment you need to thoroughly understand all the elements. 

    More importantly you also need to be sure of the purpose it is going to serve. Additionally, you'll also want something that blends in with the aesthetics of your home.

    However, go in to this with an informed understanding of what you are saying yes to. Yes it may obstruct the view as opposed to an open window. But hey, you can speak to your vendor and explore more minimal looking designs that don’t destroy your view entirely. 

    And yes, window grilles are engineered as per the dimensions of the window. This means that if you have to shift houses you have to bear the additional expense of resizing it or getting a new set entirely. But maybe you could strike a deal with the new owner to bear the cost. It is after all a good investment. 

    Finally, windows generally serve the purpose of ventilation and 'emergency access'. They allow firemen or help to get in with ease if the main entrance cannot be used. There's no need to worry though. There are some grilles that are designed with quick release mechanism or have retractable models.

    Here's a Look at the Many Benefits You have at Your Disposal:

    1. Keeps the Intruders at Bay!

      Window grilles CaulfieldYou wouldn't want anyone but friends/family or people you allow to enter your home would you? Window Grilles helps deter people from breaking in since they cannot use the window to enter into your home.

    2. Safeguards the Window Glass

      Glass is such a very fragile thing and can easily shatter due to force or some object being hurled at it. When you install grilles they act as a buffer between anything being hurled at the glass from outside of your home like stones, pointed objects, a ball, etc.

    3. Gives Off a 'Beware' Sign

      Let's just say a window grille is a sign of a proactive and aware home-owner. In case thieves do happen to notice your home, on sighting grilles they might just change their mind because their idea of break-in would have just got a whole lot difficult. Hey, it's a whole lot difficult (and noisy) to cut through that metal and get in without arousing someone's attention.

    4. Avoid Accidents

      If you happen to have small children at home, you'll be at ease knowing that they don't run the risk of falling out the window thanks to the grilles. You never know sometimes even adults could fall through! Security bars help prevent that from happening.

    5. Ornamental Value

      And besides everything let's just say grilles complete the look of an otherwise plain window. What's more when you see the designs you can choose from you'll automatically want to set these up!

    With all the necessary information at hand you sure will be able to make your decision on whether you need to set up these security bars at your home or no. My advice though: "Go for it, you won't regret it!"