• Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Security Screens for Your Home

    One of the most basic ways to increase the level of safety at your residence is to add a new screen door or window screen. Are you wondering if upgrading your entry points makes sense for you?

    Take a look at the top five reasons why now is the perfect time to make your home's entry points more secure using the door and window screens Melbourne residents count on.

    Air Flow

    Have you ever hesitated to open your windows on a warm day because you didn't feel comfortable leaving an open space for intruders to use? A screen over a door or window will allow you to let in some fresh air without creating a passageway for intruders.

    In addition, screens are great because they prevent insects and other pests from entering your living spaces. If you have pets, a security screen is a very attractive option because it allows pets to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without leaving them free to walk outside.


    The thought of allowing our neighbors to get glimpses into our homes whenever they walk by is a bit worrisome. Is there a way to let in some sunlight without exposing too much?

    The mesh portion of a security screen acts as a barrier between what's going on in your home and people on the street or sidewalk. It also gives you the option to get a view of who is standing outside your property whenever the doorbell rings.

    Feelings of Safety

    Safety first

    Who wants to stay up all night worrying that leaving a door or window open a crack could be signaling to intruders that your property is an easy target?

    We are often at our most vulnerable once the sun goes down. It can be difficult to fall asleep when you're worried about safety. However, sleeping in a hot, muggy room can be an uncomfortable experience during the warm months of the year.

    The good news is that a screen door or window can give you peace of mind that there is a barrier between you and the outside world.

    Sending a Signal to Burglars

    Studies show that installing multiple security doors and windows reduces the chances of a property being targeted. Burglars typically conduct surveillance on a neighborhood before settling on a residence to target.

    They look for structural weaknesses, unattended entry points and other signs that a property is an easy target. One of the things that can deter a thief is a door that has been fitted with a high-quality security screen.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance

    What makes a security door most attractive is the ease of installing and maintaining one. In fact, they operate the same way traditional entry doors do.

    You can enjoy a secure environment without obtrusive gates that detract from the look of your home. However, the simplicity of installing a door shouldn't cause you to think that it isn't a serious option.

    The quality security screen doors Melbourne residents have to choose from can provide high levels of protection from unwanted intruders. The Bottom Line on Installing Secure doors and Windows at Your Home.

    Why put your home at risk when making it secure is as easy as having screens professionally installed over your windows and doors? Screens are perfect if you're looking for safety measures that don't require a large financial investment.

    In addition, there is no better way to make your home safer without altering the look of your property.