• Watch Out for These 7 Leverages Intruders Use to Break-in!

    One of the biggest worries that accompany owning a home is that of a break-in.

    The increasing number of break-ins in Melbourne, Australia and the rest of the world can cause you to question the safety of your property and leave you wondering if the very next moment is your turn of such an unfortunate experience.

    Keeping all kinds of intruders off your property is a number one priority for every resident.

    Knowing that your property is indeed impregnable can help you sleep peacefully at night without worrying about the safety of your loved ones. Though safety measures may never seem enough, here is how you can by ensure you have destroyed every possible chance that an intruder can use as leverage to break-in.

    Watch out for these 7 leverages intruders can use to break-in:

    1. Low Walls or Fences:

    Walls and fences are meant to be a protective measure to increase the safety of a house or property. A wall or fence that does not serve this purpose is completely useless.

    Low walls and fences do not dissuade intruders; in fact, they allow intruders to climb over into the heart of your property. Many break-ins have been caused by intruders climbing over the walls or fence on the back of a house that overlooks a deserted lane.

    Climbing over a wall or fence can also help an intruder quickly enter your property while passersby are unable to spot them creeping up to your home after climbing over as the wall or fence blocks the view of those out on a lane.

    Build your walls and fences surrounding your property to be high to serve a protective purpose. The more difficult it is to climb over, the more attention the intruder will draw to themselves. Opt for a barbed wire or protective laying on the top of the fence or wall for added security to dissuade intruders from climbing over.

    2. Unattended Corners and Dark Spots:

    Every property has that corner or spot that is unattended to and not well lit up. These can provide leverage for an intruder to sneak onto your property without the fear or risk of being spotted.

    Although having a well-lit property can do some real damage to your pockets, opt for something more budget-friendly but effective like motion detector lights that will light up any place with detected movement.

    This will draw attention to any kind of motion or activity on your property inducing fear in an intruder or helping him/her be spot.

    3. Unchanged Locks:

    door locks MelbourneLocking is not enough! Even if you have moved into a newly built property, never discourage yourself from having the locks changed! Changing the locks is a must even for those residents that move into rented accommodations.

    You never know who might have a spare key and locks tend to wear away quickly making them easy to be picked or broken.

    The handles of your doors and windows can also turn loose over time making it easy for an intruder to just use force to gain an entry into your home. While you are at it, don’t forget about doing the same for window locks!

    4. Undrawn Curtains:

    Though undrawn curtains can boost ventilation and promote an airy atmosphere while boosting light, undrawn curtains expose the interiors of your home to outsiders. This means the simplest items inside including furniture or décor can lure an intruder to be tempted to break-in.

    An undrawn curtain can also help an intruder determine if you are out to use the opportunity for their benefit.

    Ensure the curtains are drawn during the night and especially when you are leaving your house This will leave any potential intruder guessing whether you are at home and alert or not.

    5. Homes without Security Systems

    Living in a safe neighbourhood in Melbourne shouldn’t dissuade you from taking extra protective measures of installing a home security system. Remember every neighbourhood in the world was once safe.

    Installing a simple alarm or a high-security alarm with security cameras is a choice that you need to make once you realise security systems are a necessity for the safety of every home.

    Experienced burglars can recognise a home with a security system which makes it less likely for them to still continue trying to break-in. An intruder that does not realise your home has a security system installed can be easily caught or spotted with the alarm going off.

    The intruder is likely to run away as soon as possible in hope of not getting caught leaving you and your home safe. High-end security systems alert the security company of any kind of break-in which can be helpful in cases when you are not home.

    6. Posting on Social Media

    You don’t have to swear off social media completely! All you have to do is ensure you aren’t posting anything that can prove to be information about a vacant home or your absence as such posts can be easily used to take advantage of the same.

    While going on a vacation ensure your social media account does not scream "we are not at home!”  Also, ask a trusted family friend or relative to take care of the incoming mail as piled up mail at your door is a sign that you haven’t been home in a while.

    7. Unsecured Doors and Windows

    Steel security doorWhile cracking a window can help create a cooler atmosphere to sleep-in unsecured windows are a famous break-in point. It can also tempt potential intruders to break-in with such an easy entrance into your home.

    In order to secure all entrances while still being able to enjoy fresh air and frequent ventilation, have your doors and windows secured with security screens.

    This will help you enjoy the benefits of an open window or door without having to worry about any risk of a break-in. Choosing a stylish security screen can help promote the aesthetics of your home while firmly discouraging potential intruders.

    Take care of these 7 ways an intruder could gain access to your home and secure your home from any potential break-in. Making your property impregnable is a necessity for every family in Melbourne.