• Heading Out for A Vacation? Here's How to Keep Your Home Safe

    Everybody looks forward to a vacation. But nobody looks forward to coming back from a vacation and finding the house has been robbed. In less than a minute you are robbed of all the relaxation and happiness the vacation gave you. How can you minimize the chances of such a breach of security?

    We bring you the top 3 mistakes most people in Melbourne and across the globe make:

    • Mistake 1: Not Installing a Security Door and Windows.

      A common mistake that people make is underestimating the power of a security door and windows. With a security door and windows in place, your residence enjoys a premium security setup, making it twice as difficult for burglars to break in.

      Once the security screen doors and window have been set up in accordance with the prescribed Australian Standards, they require extra effort to be broken into. This automatically acts as a deterrent for those considering breaking into your property.

      Plus, even if they still decide to go through with it, they spend extra time prying it open or breaking into the locks, which is enough to raise an alarm for neighbors.

      Security doors and windows are an investment that will guard all that you have invested in your home's infrastructure and for the valuables within.

    • Mistake 2: Leaving a Spare Key Around the Front Door.

      Aluminum door with grille Although a spare key seems like a convenient and great idea. This is only the case if you’re in the vicinity or going to the market, etc.

      If you are out of town, you are better off leaving it behind with someone you trust or maybe even carrying it along with you. Leaving it behind is like literally breaching the security yourself.

    • Mistake 3: Publicising Your Holiday Destination and Tenure on Social Media.

      Everyone waits to up their social media game with holiday posts. But remember, you can never be too careful. You cannot assess who all are viewing your posts and their motives. All anybody needs to know is that you’re out of town for a considerable time, paving the road clear of any alarm you might raise. This gives them an easy getaway.

      Instead, try to limit your posts and make sure you do not post the holiday duration anywhere.

    A well-installed security door and windows can really help you win half the battle, but as always, the remaining half can be won with your discretion and proactiveness. Above everything do remember to get a reputed service on board, whose work stands guaranteed.

    Several reputed services in Melbourne can also guide you in customising the door to suit the aesthetics of your property. So what's stopping you from securing your property?