• How to Help Your Security Door Last for Years?

    A security door is a home accessory that enhances the protection of your home. That is, provided it is maintained. Considering that a security door is a lot more than just an addition to your entryway, you need to be consistent about maintaining it. And it's a simple logic anyway, a good security door comes at a good price for the right reasons.

    Such a purchase is an investment you want to protect because it is going to protect you, literally! Apart from that, it is a well-known fact that to help anything stay durable and to optimise on the usage you should take care of it. Not only, does this help it perform to its full capacity but it also gives you a rewarding experience. So what does a plan to maintain your security door for longer, look like?

    Regular Damage Inspection

    It goes without saying that your security door is the main entryway for your home. This makes it exposed to a lot of opening and shutting. Most of the time, people are in a hurry and may either bang it shut, hit or scratch it, or land up banging things into it.

    Although built from sturdy material, such damages could, in the long run, affect the lifespan. Hence, ensure you check it for any damage that might have occurred during usage that will ensure it does not wear out soon.

    Regular Wash

    Steel DoorAs mentioned above, your security door is exposed to dirt, dust, grime and harsh weather conditions. This means that it will not be spotless. Accumulation of dirt and other debris can affect its functionality, reducing its efficiency.

    This is why you need to hose it down with water every once in a while. A mild detergent mixed with water and a soft cloth can help ease off any stubborn grime. Avoid using steel brushes or harsh cleaning agents as these could corrode the metal.

    Repair & Replacement

    Like everything else, certain parts of the security door like the hinge locks, latches, etc. can get worn out over a period of time. It is important that you repair and replace any such things that need attention. Immediately tending to it could save you from an even bigger expenditure in the future and increase the lifespan of your security door.

    Finally, it is not sufficient to just do these once in a blue moon. Make a habit out of looking after your security door just like you would for any other part of your property.

    Putting these three steps together every 3-4 months could not only help you get the most out of this investment but can ensure that in the middle of a crisis, the security door will fulfil the purpose it is supposed to.