• Wondering Whether Your Damaged Steel Door Needs Repair or Replacement?

    Here's How to Identify Which Solution You Need

    Doors symbolise security, privacy, and keep residents at peace. However, they also happen to be an obstacle when you’re in a hurry, or need to pass through with several items, or have kids and pets running through the house, etc. You get the picture.

    Plus, if you have a steel door, you may notice that with time such kind of usage or rather adjustments to accommodate easy access or cleaning could lead to minor or major damages. 

    In such a situation it is best to get the matter seen to by a professional to avoid a compromise of security and privacy. That said, identifying whether you need to have the door repaired or replaced can be tricky.

    And if you’re reading this article, you’re somebody who likes to make informed decisions and take a proactive approach to problem-solving.

    Here's a breakdown of different scenarios and whether the solution would be to repair or replace it.

    Situations That Require Your Steel Door to be Replaced

    Steel door

    • Door Frame Loses Shape

      The frame plays just as much of an important role as the sturdy construction of a door.

      Hence, if you notice the frame has lost its shape, it is best that you opt for a complete replacement, which includes the frame. This will ensure a snug fit and optimum efficiency of usage.

    • Compromised Core

      If your steel door has taken one too many hits at it center say from things getting banged into it, it is very possible that the regular hits have weakened its core.

      A weak core renders the structure useless as you never know when a hit might trigger a breakage. In such a situation, ask a professional to replace the door.

    • Delamination of the Core

      Now this may appear to be a complicated term. But it only refers to mutilation caused by water or being subject to harsh environments. The way to assess your door for this condition is by setting your foot at the base and attempting to pull it towards you. If it moves more than 1/4 - 3/8 of an inch, the core may be delaminated, and you may be looking at replacement of the door.

    • Damage Caused by Rust

      Rust ruins the strength of any metal. It generally starts on the inside so if you start seeing it on the exterior, it means the door is beyond repair and has been compromised, requiring replacement of the same.

    • Vandalism

      This is a given. Your security door needs to offer you safety against all costs. So, if it has been vandalised clearly, it needs to be replaced by a more strong and able option.

    • Can the Opening be Improved?

      If you're looking to upgrade your security system, it might help you equip your home with a safety measure that will do more than what you currently have installed.

    Situations That Require Your Steel Door to be Repaired

    • Hinge Damage

      Sometimes when too much stress is placed on one or more of the hinges, it could lead to sagging, inoperable opening, or even breaking the weld points. This could be due to any situation like keeping something in the entryway to keep the door open for as long as you need to, etc. If you spot any signs of the same, you will need to opt for repair and any professional service can have it fixed in a span of 1 hour.

    • Patching Holes

      Undoubtedly steel gives you the benefit of longevity and a sturdy construction. And this quality is only amplified by the fact that in case of a dent or any small hole, steel’s malleable quality allows easy repair through patchwork. Of course, it is recommended that you ask a professional to carry this process out to take care of any fire-related concerns.

    • Dents

      If you spot a dent on your home's security steel door, it can be repaired with ease. However, do let the respective professional service know whether the dent is on the surface or has caused a hole. Even if that's the case, professionals can repair it a way that makes it look flawless.

    You can also choose to install timber or aluminium doors. However, do keep in mind that even these require maintenance on a regular basis.

    Finally, it all boils down to making sure you do not subject the door to rough usage and practice basic maintenance from time to time. If need be, you can even ask a professional service in Melbourne to inspect it to fix minor repairs so that they do not develop into major ones.