• How to Maintain Your Security Screen Doors?

    Having a security screen door has many benefits; it helps in securing your house from thieves with its locking system, unwanted salesmen, and insects that try to invade your house.

    There is a wide variety of fancy screen doors that are available in the market that will also serve its purpose of securing your house as well as add to the beauty of your house. Many of these security doors have different and new locking systems that are unique and difficult for thieves to unlock or hack.

    Whether you have a security screen or you are planning on purchasing one it is very important to maintain your security screen door so that it will last a longer period as well as keep your house secure and safe.

    Here are Few Tips on How You Can Maintain it:

    • Purify with Water and Use a Wax Product:

      Screen DoorCertain security screens require their own branded products to wash the screen. However, you can also purchase treatments from the professional service that’s providing you with a security screen door.

      If you are using such a product you must dilute the wash and wax product in a bucket of warm water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray it over the surface and wipe off with a piece of cloth.

    • Remove Dirt Routinely:

      It is important to keep removing the dirt, grime or dust that keeps collecting in the mesh in order for it to last longer.

      The amount of times you have to remove the impurities is based on where you stay, whether your security screen is exposed to salt, moisture, or dirt. Removing the dirt from time to time will make your security screen door more durable.

    • Use a Brush with Soft Bristles or a Glove for Cleaning:

      Using a hard bristled brush would damage or scratch the surface of your security screen which will make it look bad therefore make sure to use a brush that has soft bristles or you could even use a glove to clean out the grooves and crevices. Do not forget the frames and corners.

      Using a brush with soft bristles is similar to brushing your teeth with a soft-bristled brush, just like the bristles allow you to remove the dirt in every corner of your mouth; even the soft bristles allow you to brush and clean every small gap or corner of your security door.

      If you are using a glove, make sure to dip it in the wash and wax mixture. Regular maintenance helps lock out any chances of the security door weakening.

    • Rinse with Fresh Water:

      Security Screen Door HamptonOnce you have finished cleaning off all the dirt it is important to rinse down your door with fresh water and in doing so this will help you wash off any dirt that might still be left.

    • Make a Schedule to Clean Your Door Regularly:

      Depending on where you stay you must decide how often you should clean your safety door.

      If you live 11km away from the beach it is advisable to clean it once every six months, if you live within 10km you should go for every two-three months, and if you live within 500m you must clean your security screen every week. Doing so will help it last for more time as well as save your money.

    Now that you are aware of the different ways you can maintain your security door and prevent the consequences of not doing so.

    You can use these easy tips to protect it. Remember that your security door can only do its job of protecting you and your loved ones if you do your part of protecting it.