• 8 Signs that Indicate a Window Screen Replacement

    It is very common for homeowners to overlook the maintenance or need for installing security screens to their windows and doors. However, those are the most common routes that burglars take to break-in to any property. Therefore, by doing so, they are compromising the security of their loved ones and property.

    Why are Security Window Screens a Necessity?

    While many get confused and assume fly mesh screens are the same thing as window screens, they most certainly are not. Fly screens are solely for the purpose of keeping flying insects out and aren’t as secure and durable to deter burglars.

    However, window screens are made of a higher quality and more sturdy material, making it perfectly secure and strong to withstand extreme external pressure.

    Therefore, window screens are a preferred option and a necessity for most homeowners. Besides this, window screens also offer a variety of benefits, some of which are:

    • Protection of your property and loved ones against burglars and break ins.
    • Prevents flying insects and pests from entering your property.
    • Protects your windows panels and increases their longevity.
    • Allows ample air ventilation.
    • Energy efficient and blocks off external noise disturbance.
    • Increases home value.
    • Aesthetically appealing to guests and buyers.
    • Cost-effective and a long time investment.

    While these several benefits make it a desirable option for investment, the screen will only be able to provide these benefits if it is working efficiently and isn't damaged in any sort of way.

    Additionally, if you have not opted for a cheaper material screen then you are sure to enjoy all these benefits.

    Here are 8 Signs That Indicate That Your Screen is Faulty and Requires Repair or Replacements:

    1. They are old and worn out:

      Your security screen can get worn out with time especially if you have had them for a while. Harsh weather conditions, previous damages or corrosion could lead your security barrier to wear out and be unable to function properly.

    2. The amount of pests like flies, mosquitoes, and moths inside your house have increased:

      The primary benefit of a barrier is that it prevents flying insects from entering your home while allowing ample ventilation. However, if you have noticed that your home is buzzing with bugs and other flying insects, then it is high time you check your barrier for any entry ways, tears, or holes that could be giving them access to your property.

    3. They don't provide sufficient protection from break-in:

      Window bars in CarltonOne of the main signs that prompt that you need a barrier repair or replacement is that your barrier isn't functioning properly as it should be. This could be due to various reasons such as it being manufactured with cheaper materials, prior damage due to previous break-in, or weakened structure due to harsh weather conditions.

      However, regardless of the reason, if your barrier isn't functioning properly, it will not be able to withstand external force during a break-in. Therefore, you will be affecting the security of your home by not getting a security barrier replacement with a durable barrier that provides better security.

    4. A significant increase in your energy bills:

      Window barriers are energy efficient and can help you save on your energy bills drastically. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about spending on air conditioning during the warmer months as one of the primary benefits of having a security barrier is that it allows plenty of air flow.

      Therefore, if you have noticed a sudden drastic increase in your energy bills, then it is high time you get your barrier inspected to check out its insulation and if required get a repair or replacement.

    5. Your screen looks and feels damaged both internally and externally:

      Your barrier can get damaged due to various reasons such as faulty installations, using a cheaper quality barrier, children or pets dashing into the mesh, etc., these all could lead to tears and holes in your barrier.

      As soon as you notice any holes, tears, or gaps between the frame and mesh, you should call for a professional repair or replacement. You should also keep in mind that using cheaper material barriers would result in sooner damage and frequent repairs and replacements.

      Therefore it would be more cost-efficient to invest in a good and durable barrier.

    6. You always need to apply pressure to your windows to open them:

      Damaged or warped barriers cause your windows to get jammed, requiring you to put in a lot of effort and pressure to get them open. It could also impair or block your window track.

      Therefore, if accessing your windows is a challenge you should get it inspected first to find out if the window itself is the problem or if your security barriers are damaged before you get a repair or replacement.

    7. Outside noise easily gets into your house:

      Another benefit of a barrier is that it acts as a sound barrier to block off any disturbance from outside, allowing you to slip away from the hustle and bustle.

      If you have noticed that the outside sound is now easily getting into your home, you should get an inspection to figure out if your barrier isn't blocking off the sound anymore.

    8. You want to put your house on the market:

      If you wish to sell your house for a good market price then you surely need to get your old and worn out barriers repaired or replaced.

      Having damaged, rusted and old security barriers only reflects poorly on the maintenance level and could impact the price of your home as well as the negotiation phase. Therefore, it would be better for you to get your property maintained efficiently before putting it up on the market.

    In conclusion, as important as it is to install the right and most durable security window barriers for your home, it is also vital for you to maintain them and keep a close eye for any signs of deterioration/damage. Additionally, if you do notice any damage, you should get in touch with a professional and get a repair or replacement as soon as possible.