• Aluminium Vs Stainless-steel Security Doors: Which is better for your Home?

    While purchasing property, every individual's first requirement is always safety but even if you purchase a house in a safe neighbourhood, you can't really guarantee your safety. No matter where you stay, safety is a must, therefore, getting a security door added to your property for your peace of mind is the right decision.

    If you reside in Melbourne and are looking for the best types of available in the market, then the main two options that pop up are Stainless-steel and Aluminium security doors.

    However, before you go ahead and decide on any one, it is always advisable to consider the pro's and con's and figure out which one best suits your home needs.

    Advantages of a Stainless steel Security Door

    Stainless steel Security Door

    • Durability

      Stainless-steel doors are well known for having a high level of durability and strength. Having such a durable and strong security screen can aid in securing your home as well as helps in keeping unwanted intruders from entering your property.

      With a screen this strong, an intruder will have to think twice before they try to invade your property!

    • Aesthetic Appearance

      Property owners invest a large amount of their time and effort in making their homes look unique and attractive. When you invest so much of your time and money into making your house beautiful and organized, having something that appears out of place makes all that effort go to waste! This is why having an attractive security door, is a must.

      If you are looking for such a security door, then stainless-steel is the one for you! Its sleekness and modern appeal will win your heart!

    • Longevity

      Made from the highest quality of stainless steel, these security doors have proven to be a worthwhile and long-lasting investment for your property by being able to withstand any weather condition or outward abuse while keeping your property secure.

    Advantages of an Aluminium Security Door

    Aluminum frame security door in Keysborough

    • Cost-Efficient

      A common misconception that most people believe is considering low-cost products as low-quality products, however, this isn't the same case in Aluminium security doors, not only are they cost-effective and affordable but they also serve as a useful barrier to keep your property and your family secure. This aluminium security door is ideal for Melbourne residents that are on a tight budget.

    • Corrosion-free

      Manufactured from a single powder-coated aluminium perforated sheet, these aluminium security doors are well known for being resistant to corrosion as well as being reliable. Therefore, they are perfect for any weather condition in and outside Melbourne.

    • Custom-made

      The best part about these aluminium security doors is that they are custom-made according to the size and shape that you require to seamlessly blend into the rest of your property, therefore avoiding the awkwardness of standing out. You can even have your aluminium security door customized to the colour of your choice!

    How to Select a Professional Service Provider:

    Selecting a professional service to carry out this task can seem overwhelming. Between the list of options you have among service providers, their services, and pricing, it can be easy to miss out on asking the important questions. This can lead to an unsatisfactory job and a hassling experience for you.

    To avoid such a situation, you must do your research about the professionals offering these services. Experts suggest you find out about their credibility and remember to ask all the below mentioned questions:

    • Do they specialize in the industry?
    • Do they give honest advice?
    • Is their service known to be customer-centric and executed with integrity?
    • Do they offer an obligation-free quote?
    • Do they offer free removal of old doors?
    • Can they carry out custom made orders according to your requirements?
    • Is their work backed by an assurance?
    • Is their pricing affordable and giving you value for money?

    Now, that you are well aware of the various benefits that these two types offer, it will be much easier for you to decide on which one to opt for, depending on the requirements of your house.

    For example, if you stay close to a beach and your budget is limited, then it would be advisable for you to go with an Aluminium make due to it being resistant to corrosion and cost-efficient.

    However, if you wish for an attractive and durable security door that will last you a long time, then stainless-steel is just what you need! So, go ahead and choose the best one for the safety of your family and your property.