• DIY vs. Professionally Customised & Installed Security Doors & Windows

    If you are thinking of purchasing a mesh for your home and window, then you are probably wondering if it is best or worth investing in an installation professionally or if you should be doing it yourself.

    However, there is much more to consider before making such a decision and this article will tell you just that. So without further ado, let's get started on the difference between DIY and Professionally fitted barriers.

    DIY vs. Professionally Fitted Security Doors & Windows: Cost Difference

    • DIY Security Barriers:

      The cost of a DIY barrier would vary depending on which model, manufacturer, brand, size, and quality you choose. As there are a variety of options available in the market, there is no fixed price for a DIY barrier.

      However, diamond grill barriers are about $150 and onwards while steel barriers are more expensive, ranging from $300 - $700. Stainless steel mesh barriers are around $600 and perforated aluminum barriers in a standard size starts at around $450.

    • Professionally Fitted Mesh Barriers:

      Again, the costs vary depending on the manufacturer, type of material and quality that you select. However, for a standard sized stainless steel mesh, it should approximately be between $950 to $1300 but that could increase depending on your home requirements.

    Aluminum door with grille in East Malvern.jpgIf you only consider the cost factor, then DIY barriers might seem like the ideal option for you. However, there are other things that you should consider, such as the success rate of this DIY project, the number of tools and equipment required for the DIY barrier and if you are able to attach it accurately, not to forget if there are any injuries or accidents that occur while trying to do it yourself.

    You could end up paying way more than what you would for an expert to customise and fit your mesh barrier. Therefore, it is always best to leave it to the experts and get your home security enhanced professionally rather than jeopardizing the safety of your loved ones and property just to cut expenses.

    Professionally or DIY Security Barrier Installation

    • DIY Installation Problems:

      Although it might look like an easy task to fit a barrier, it does get complicated due to various reasons such as if your door and window frame size and shape are unique or if you are attempting to do it all by yourself without a helping hand.

      Mid-way into the installation, you will realise how hard screen door and window installation really is, especially if the door or window size requires a custom-made screen. You could also find gaps between your door/window and screen or that the screen doesn't sit well on your door/window.

      And, if that is the case, then it could lead to a security issue or a pest infestation problem.

    • Benefits of Professionally Installed Security Doors:

      By getting your barrier professionally installed, you wont need to worry about it not fitting accurately, the purchasing tools, or about the barrier having any defects or issues.

      Additionally, you will be more at peace knowing that you have experts experienced in the field working on your home security system to enhance it in the best way possible.

      You will also be able to get help professionally anytime in the future if your screen ever needs a repair or replacement.

    Ensure You Buy and Install the Right Security Screen Door & Window for your Home

    • Australian Standards 5039: Screen Barriers & Grills

      It is essential that you avoid purchasing screen barriers that have 'made to conform to Australian Standards' as these aren't the ideal choices.

      The screen barrier that have 'tested to exceed or meet Australian standards 5039' are the ideal screens to go for as they have been assessed independently to meet these standards of 5039 and have received the right certification.

    • Australian Standards 5040: Screens & Grills Installation

      With this standard, professional installers are able to get the accurate specifications required in installing these screens properly. If the screen isn't installed correctly it will not be able to function to its full potential in providing security to your family and home.

      Therefore, it is essential that you choose a professional and certified security screen installer as they will be able to install your screen and window grill according to Australian Standards.

    Why Professional Installation is the Best Option?

    Steel security door installed in Wheelers Hill.jpgEven though you might think that doing it yourself would help reduce your spendings and that it won't be too complicated, you should just trust an expert to get your home door installed as this is the safest decision to make when it comes to the safety of your home.

    By opting for help professionally, you are ensuring that your screen is installed properly and doesn’t serve as a weak spot for intruders to make their way inside your home, be it pests or burglars.

    In a nutshell, DIY security door installation seems like no big deal and easy to do. However, if you aren't an experienced DIY'er or lack the experience and skill required to install your door properly, then it is best that you get it installed professionally by a reliable installer who has the right experience, skills, equipment, and knowledge.