• Replacement Process for Security Door Locks

    In today's day, the number of options and choices in locks will have you spoilt for choice. However, all these options and choices have one thing in common - maximum security! This is why no matter how fancy your choice of locks are, if it does not provide maximum security or starts failing to do its job, it is time you get them replaced.

    While lock replacement may seem like an easy job, it is best if you get professional help to have it installed to ensure you get it right the first time and avoid any risks or security failures. Read on to know more about the why, how and what of replacement.

    When to Change Your Lock?

    • When You Buy a New Home:

      It helps you make sure you are the only one with the keys to your property and also ensure that previous owners don't still have access to your new home.

    • When Old Tenants Leave:

      This too ensures that others that have lived in your home don't still have access even after moving out.

    • When You Lost Your Keys:

      The most secure solution after losing your keys is to replace the lock completely even if you find your keys a few days later.

    • When Intruders Try to Break in:

      If your barrier has failed once, you can be sure they are likely to fail again at keeping unwanted visitors out.

    • When You've had the Same Lock for a While:

      Change your locks from time to time to ensure they are doing the job by being in a prime state.

    When to Rekey and When to Replace a Lock?

    Steel Door in CarltonMany homeowners choose to rekey instead of replacing it. Rekeying can be easier on your pocket as the hardware isn't fully changed and so a locksmith can help you change the way the pins are arranged within it.

    You then get a whole new key that can be used for it. This may have you thinking that rekeying is the best option. However, there are many instances where a total replacement should be preferred.

    For instance, if it has been tampered with by intruders, it is possible that its components are permanently damaged. In this case it would be best to replace it rather than choosing to rekey it.

    Another instance where it may be better to replace it on a whole is if you've had the same one for a while, as there are high chances that it may be worn out.

    Why You must Choose Professional Service Over DIYs?

    It is essential to remember that your lock serves a unique function - protecting your home. This is why you should avoid experimenting and leave the replacement to the experts. Here are a few more reasons why you should call in the professionals:

    • A professional will choose the best one for you and will get the replacement right in the first go.
    • A professional will ensure it is in prime condition to offer maximum security.
    • They will comply with all the necessary Australian standards.
    • They will ensure that it can pass the necessary security tests.

    How It is Replaced?

    • Step 1: The Old One is Removed

      These otherwise simple looking locks are actually a complex mechanism that is fixed in place via the arrangement of several little screws in the side of your frame.

      This is why you need to insert the key to unlock the mechanism in order to be able to remove these little screws from the frame that are keeping the lock in its place. Once these are removed, the old one is slid out of the frame.

    • Step 2: A New One is Chosen

      The professional will need to ensure that the new one you choose fits into the same part of your frame. This means that the old and the new lock need to be of a similar size and fitting without too many modifications to ensure that the door's strength and structure remains intact despite the change.

    • Step 3: The New Chosen One is Installed

      steel security door with in MordiallocOnce the new and accurate lock for your door is chosen, the professional will continue to install it by inserting into the door frame while the screws that once held the old one are still removed.

      The lock needs to be placed in such a way that there is an equal amount of it on either side of the door. Once this is done, it is set in its place by setting the mechanism to a locked position.

      After confirming that it doesn't move anymore, the professional will put back those several screws that were removed. The screws then need to be tightened for it to be made secure.

    • Step 4: Your Door is Examined for Damage

      Once a professional is done changing them, they will take a look at the rest of its structure and condition to assess whether it is in prime condition to do its job efficiently.

      The professional will look for any metal, latch, screen, hinge or other damages that can affect the overall security level that your door offers your home.

    Your security door and its locking system play a very important role in the safety of your home. This is why it is best you ensure that they are in prime condition and installed by an expert.

    If you're looking to maximize the safety of your home, call the experts at AAA security doors to help you make the best choices for your door.