• Advantages & Disadvantages of Window Security Bars

    According to FBI statistics, in the AU, 1 robbery occurs every 18 seconds. Therefore, there are at least 5,000 robberies in a day. These statistics are evident enough to show the importance of home security. The ever-increasing number of thefts occurring has led many homeowners to search the internet for ways to increase security and prevention methods.

    One efficient way to ensure your property isn't being eyed by burglars is by having a durable and reliable security alarm and locking system. Additionally, since most burglars use the windows or front door to enter, you must secure your windows along with your doors properly with sturdy window grills.

    However, many homeowners have mixed opinions about bars and their efficiency, due to which they do not invest in them. However, in this article, we will dig into the advantages and disadvantages of bars to see if they really are worth it.

    Make a Wise Choice

    It is essential to do your research and be well informed about a product before you invest in anything. Therefore, before you decide on purchasing bars for your property. You should know the advantages and disadvantages to make a proper decision and investment.

    Additionally, since there are various types of grills in the market, you should know which one would work best for you and your property or which could make your property more vulnerable even though it is an additional layer of protection.

    And do not forget to call a professional to install them securely to your door and window. Because if your bars are not installed properly, they could be broken into easily by burglars.

    Window Bars: Advantages and Disadvantages 

    Given below are the most common arguments that have been brought up for or against grills. Knowing the details of these aspects would help you make a wise decision on your next purchase.

    Window Bar Advantages:

    • Steel-security window bars installed in ToorakOne of the main advantages of grills is that they are thick and very durable. It is because of its thickness and durability that homeowners take advantage of and install them to increase the security of their property.

      Therefore, if you live in an unsafe neighborhood where thefts occur often or if you shifted to a new home and are unsure of the neighborhood, it is always best to invest in and install bars. They are considered a good asset to your property as they add to the security of your home locking system and protect your windows from break-ins.

    • For an indestructible security system, you can add tiny key locks to your bars to increase security.
    • If you have pets or kids in your home, having bars installed brings a sense of relief as you don't need to worry about them falling from the window or intruders breaking in.
    • When you have grills installed, you can keep your windows open whenever and your house stays ventilated as you don't need to keep shutting them when nobody is around or in the room.
    • From a financial point of view, grills are cheaper than hi-tech security systems and do the job of keeping you and your family safe.

    Window Bar Disadvantages

    • One of the strongest arguments that bar opposers raise is that it delays the quick responses from the police or other officials during an emergency or a fire. They could obstruct the people stuck inside from getting out or prevent the officials from making their way inside to rescue whoever is in danger. Therefore, you might want to consider this aspect before you make your purchase.
    • Since you can't close or open these bars from inside the house, you would need to figure another way out if you need to evacuate your house urgently.
    • Another disadvantage is having to give up your scenic view from out of the window. Often homeowners do not like bars as they seem like a prison instead of a home. So, if the view does really matter to you, you should consider this aspect before making a purchase.

    Security window bars in CarltonIn a nutshell, home security is important to ensure you and your family are safe and protected. Bars help increase the safety of your property and reduce the chances of you being a victim of burglaries. However, just like other security elements, bars too, have a few disadvantages.

    However, if you really value the security of your family and property, you wouldn't mind overlooking a few aspects or compromising on a wonderful view as long as everyone is safe. However, the choice would vary depending on your needs. So, now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, you can make a wise decision.