• Standard Procedure for a Professional Security Door Installation

    DIY'ers everywhere have mastered the art of making complicated things look easy but that doesn't mean it actually is easy to do it yourself. There is a reason why experts are paid to do the job and that is because it required skills, experience, and knowledge.

    The same goes for fixing your safety barrier. Trying to do the job by yourself to save on your costs could result in an even higher bill for fixing the blunder. Additionally, if a safety barrier isn't fitted accurately it would be inefficient in serving its purpose of providing security.

    Therefore, professional installation is essential. Clueless about the procedure for getting your security door professionally fitted? We have got your back!

    What is the Process of Fitting a Security Door Professionally?

    Ideally, the standard procedure for getting a professional installation of your safety barrier involves 3 steps. They are:

    • Step 1: Getting a professional consultation at a reputable security door company and selecting a safety barrier for your property based on your requirements.
    • Step 2: Call a skilled expert to examine your home doorway and provide you with a free quote and measurement.
    • Step 3: Book an appointment for a professional fitting service with the safety barrier company of your choice.

    After you have completed these 3 steps, all you have to do is sit back and relax and let the experts do what they do best.

    • Choose the Right Security Door for Your Home Security Needs:

      steel security door with in MordiallocThere is a wide range of security doors by various manufacturers and of different materials available in the market. Therefore, the first step for you would be to choose the right safety barrier for your house that fits your requirements.

      When choosing the right safety barrier for you, there are various factors that you should keep in mind such as the aesthetics of your property, the budget you have for the purchase, the level of security required, and whether you require any customisations like specific tints or decorative grilles.

      Ensure that you even consider the physical appearance and if it is suitable for the weather conditions of your region.

    • Avail of AAA Security Doors' Free Quote & Measure Service:

      After you have finalised a safety barrier of your choice, the next step would be calling an expert home to examine your doorway and provide you with a quotation of the fitting.

      AAA Security Doors provides all its customers with a free quote and measure service before a safety barrier fitting.

      In this service, a licensed expert would visit your property, examine your doorway, and inspect it thoroughly to check if adjustments need to be made to remove any gaps.

      Although doors are manufactured in a standard size, some doors may slightly differ. Therefore, this is an important step that shouldn't be exempted.

    • Book the Desired Date and Time for the Security Door Installation:

      Now that you have decided on your choice of door, had it measured, and got your free quote, it is time to book an appointment to schedule an installation service. It is advisable that you pick a date and time which is convenient for you and when you are fully available.

      Although you do not need to do anything for the service, it would make it easier for the technician and you if you were fully available and not running off to the store during the service.

    • Give the Experts at Least an Hour for Installation:

      Custom steel door at OrmondA professional security door fitting should take anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour. The time would differ and extend depending on the age of the house, if any adjustments are needed to remove gaps, and if the doorway is jammed or not.

      There is no fixed amount of time for the fitting service. Therefore, we suggested that you keep yourself free and do not plan anything within the next 1 hour of the scheduled visit.

      Keep in mind that hurrying the technician to finish the job soon would not help and only result in an inefficient installation of the safety barrier.

    Why Should You Choose to have Your Safety Barrier Professionally Installed?

    The purpose of a safety barrier is to enhance the security of your property. Just like how picking the right safety barrier is important, getting it fitted correctly is too!

    DIY fittings might look and seem easy, but it is more complicated than you expect which is why people often opt for trained experts to fit them.

    Note that some safety barrier warranties specify that it should be professionally fitted for it to be effective so don't forget to check your warranty card.