• Security Screens Vs Security Grilles: What is the Difference?

    Often homeowners get confused between grilles and screens since both of them are external barriers attached to windows for safety purposes. However, they are different in their functionality, costs, and benefits.

    Since a safety barrier is a long-term investment that ensures the safety of your loved ones, you should know the difference before you make any decision. So, what is the difference? You ask.

    • Security Screens:

      It is a perforated sheet of metal that is held together in a metal frame. A security screen is a preferred option by most homeowners as it is easier to clean, durable, and has a higher resistance to damage, unlike mesh insect screens.

      In Australia, security screens have to pass a variety of forced entry examinations to prove their efficiency and comply with stringent Australian guidelines. Therefore, they are known to be durable and dependable.

    • Security Grilles:

      The difference between screens and grilles is that grilles include dense metal bars without mesh. Security grilles are available in various sizes, shapes, colours, and designs as they can be customised according to the requirement of the client. They are also available in several materials such as wrought iron, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.

    How to Pick the Right One for You?

    Aluminium frame security door in South MelbourneAfter learning the difference, another question that most homeowners have is, "How do I know which one is right for me?" We understand that it can get confusing for homeowners to decide what type of security barrier best suits their property safety needs.

    Therefore, to make the decision-making process a bit easier, we have created a few points to consider before you make your choice.

    • Budget:

      Before you set out to explore your options and make any decision, it is best that you first come up with a set budget that you are willing to spend. They are available in several colours, shades, designs, sizes and materials in various price ranges.

      Therefore, don't worry about not finding a grille or screen that fits your budget. Not only would it help you filter your search, but it would also reduce confusion by eliminating anything unnecessarily expensive.

    • Functionality:

      They have both proven to be efficient barriers in enhancing the security of your property. However, depending on your preference and need as well as the functionality, it would be easier for you to choose which best suits your window.

      For instance, if you love a fresh and well-ventilated home that provides visibility to the outside world while keeping pests and invaders out, a mesh screen would be perfect for your property. However, if you wish for the opposite, grilles would be the right choice for you.

    • Aesthetics:

      When contemplating which one to go for, don't forget to consider the aesthetics of your window to ensure that it matches the style you are going for.

      As there are various options available in both grilles and screens, it shouldn't take you long before you find the perfect style that suits your property.

    Secure Your Windows with Help from AAA Security Doors:

    Are you still confused about whether grilles or screens are best for your property? Consult with our experts at AAA Security Doors today and get a free measure and quote.

    The bottom line, security grilles and screens are different in their own way. However, both help enhance the security of your property. Therefore, based on your budget, preference, window style, and needs, you can pick the one that best suits your house.