• How can Children and Pets Benefit from Insect Screens?

    Children hospitals have confirmed that there has been an increase in the number of children suffering from life-threatening injuries as a result of falling from windows or balconies. These accidents are more frequent in their own homes where they are kept open to let in more air as the climate gets warmer.

    These fly screens may be loosely fitted or not fitting the requirement of an insect screen as recommended by Melbourne authorities. Thus causing fatal injuries among children

    Do You Know?

    Children are tempted to climb onto furniture that is located near the window and fall out.80% of these children suffer from serious brain injuries or even broken arms and legs.

    Mostly boy under 5 yrs. who are very active suffer these types of accidents. Supervising your child is the best way to keep them safe from falling out of windows and balconies.

    But if you are looking to ensure your child’s safety in your absence, then you need to look at ways which will make windows and balconies safe for your child in your absence.

    How do Insect Barriers Protect Your Children?

    Heavy duty fly screen in MentoneIt is every parent's desire to have a home that will provide safety for their child. We offer Security barriers that meet the requirement of Melbourne’s standards. Making screens to your specifications.

    The screens for your windows and entrances meet the specification of Australia Standards AS5039 and are tough to even hold up against your child banging on. Protecting him from falling out of the windows and balconies.

    These security screens are made of the best quality and will last you for a lifetime. They allow free flow of fresh air and a clear view. These security doors do not spoil the beauty of your home. Our motto is to give you the best services so that you and your family are safe from fatal injuries.

    How do Insect Barriers Protect Your Pets?

    If you are a cat or dog lover and have either or both, apart from your children, the well-being of your pet too is your priority. Cats are known to go out on the ledge or window sill and balconies making you nervous about their safety.

    Here is where Insect screens come in giving you the assurance of your pet's protection while keeping the windows and balcony entrance open. And allowing you to enjoy the free flow of cool fresh air.

    These screens do not damage easily and can withstand the attack of the teeth and claws of your pet as they try to claw or bite their way through. Very soon they will realize the insect screens are there for keeps. This insect security screen prevents your pets from falling out of the windows.

    Always go for the Best Fly Screen

    Fly Barriers which are also known as insect screens are made of metal wire, manmade fibers or fiberglass around which an aluminum or wooden frame is attached. These security fly screens apart from keeping bugs and dust out, it also allow fresh air in giving you the freedom to viewing outside also.

    Fly screens DandenongThere are other types for doors and windows like:

    • Face fit fly
    • Pocket fit fly
    • Sliding fly
    • Removable fly
    • Non-standard color fly screen

    As we have already said supervising your child is the best but when this is not possible, security barriers come in handy. Having installed security screens gives you a sense of security that your kids and pets are far from any danger of falling out of the window and balcony. Our services guarantee you and your family's protection.

    Look us up if you are interested to get fly barriers installed in your home for the protection of your children and pets. You can also call on us to fix an appointment so that we can come over to take the necessary measurements and give you the quotation for the same.