• Attention Café and Restaurant Owners - Here's Why You Need a Security Door

    If you're reading this, you're either a café owner or someone who's curious about what measures a café and restaurant should have.

    Either way, this blog will tell you why a screen door is critical to the hygienic functioning of a café and restaurant while also highlighting what damages you might incur if you don't have one.

    But first, let's discuss important aspects of being a food business owner to get a better understanding of how the installation of a screen door aligns with that.

    Understanding a Business Owner's Food and Safety Responsibilities

    steel security door with in MordiallocIt's no surprise that pests are a common threat for food business owners all over the world. Whether you're in the packing and production sphere or a small café/restaurant owner, you know that once rodents get into your business area, they will wreak havoc.

    Right from contaminating it with their urine, hair, saliva, faeces or just coming in contact with it, to eating up your raw and packaging materials, cables and pipes - pests are a menace.

    Naturally, these equals to a monetary loss for the business and aside from this, pests are also known to bring all diseases with them that could destroy the reputation of your business outlet or worse still result in a loss of your license to operate. These only highlight one point that protection from rodents and insects at all food-oriented businesses is a must.

    How to Protect Your Business from Pests?

    Keeping your business premises insect-free is a constant process and one that involves timely and regular pest-control as well as installing safety measures like mesh screens to keep them out.

    Of course, there might be times when bugs and flies may slyly make their way in, when your customers are entering or exiting. However, at least with a screen you can have better control over the situation.

    Fixing premium-quality and well-fitted mesh screens on your doors and windows in your business centre will help ensure that they don't serve as entry points for insects to get in, narrowing down the chances of an infestation.

    What to Keep in Mind When Installing Screens in a Commercial Area

    Commercial properties are different from residential properties in terms of their functionality and the number of people who use the area as well as how each one uses it.

    Screen DoorAs a business owner you may need to customise the size and shape of the screens you need to add for your windows and door so that they are secured in place and don't have any gaps that may compromise their protection. It is also essential to get the fitting and fixing done right to avoid any accidents with your customers.

    Apart from this, remember that these additions might be prone to easy wear and tear due to the volume of usage, so remember to select premium construction materials and a trusted service provider who can guide you on what is the best option for your business needs.

    Benefits of a screen door in your cafe:

    • Enhanced Security:

      Safety is one of the main advantages because it secures your premises from pests and the damages they can cause. Along with keeping your materials, property, and clients safe from pests and their ill effects, a screen door keeps your reputation safe, and for any business that is key.

    • An Aesthetic Style:

      Commercial business areas like dining areas and cafes are all about the ambience, so naturally anything that adds to the aesthetics is bound to improve the number of customers who visit. You can choose to personalise the appearance of the screen door and windows so that it adds to the beauty of your commercial property.

    • Better Ventilation:

      Nobody likes to be in a stuffy spacy and much less when it's a café. Screens allow fresh air to circulate within the premises and that not only helps keep damp musky smells at bay, but also helps make the environment less suitable for pests to live and breed.

    • Visibility and Privacy:

      Contrary to normal windows and doors, a mesh screen allows you to have a view of the outside without compromising on privacy. This way, you can create a more comfortable environment for your customers and staff.

    By now, you've surely understood that something as simple as installing a screen door can be a make-or-break decision for your food business. So many aspects that define the success of the food business are hinged on the benefits a screen door provides, and that's why a delay installing one might turn out to be a rather expensive mistake.

    Going by the popular idiom 'precaution is better than cure', experts will advise you to consider getting a screen door of good quality installed by trusted professionals at the earliest.