• Aluminium or Timber – Which Door Is Perfect for You?

    Doors are the face of a home. And who doesn’t love a beautiful face that stays the same if not get more beautiful? Having said that, a door also safeguards the main entry point of your home from invaders, insects, etc.

    It is obvious that it must provide security and have the construction to outlast basic threats. For most Melbourne home-owners, the question boils down to whether they must opt for an aluminium or timber one. Where a wooden look has an earthy and friendly charm of its own, there’s nothing that touches the sculpted and robust feel of an aluminium door or window.

    Let's Find out How Aluminium and Timber Pit Against Each Other.

    • Beauty & Design:

      As mentioned above, the allure of wood is incomparable and lends any home a different feel. It even gives you the options of having intricate carvings crafted into the wood to give it a more exquisite appeal, making it a beautiful complement to the exterior.

      But Aluminium has its own charm, it can be made into a clean molded framed structure that of course will transform the place's look with its tailor-made look.

    • The Test of Durability:

      Aluminium and timber are equally durable when maintained the right way. However, aluminium has a slightly more robust quality, enabling it to withstand harsher conditions.

      Due to its malleability, it makes an ideal material for doors and windows and can easily sustain itself against debris, dirt and harsh weather elements.

    • What's Easy to Maintain:

      Aluminium door with stainless steel mesh in St kilda eastIn comparison, aluminium is easier to maintain since once in a while they need to be cleaned with a mild detergent diluted in water and washed off with a soft damp cloth. This cleans out the accumulation of dirt and debris. Timber, on the other hand, can be more difficult to maintain.

    • How Long will the Colour Last?

      Here's one more place where aluminium ranks higher than wood. If you choose to install a metal door, you can choose a powder-coated finish which is built to last, won’t discolour, get rusted or peel off.

      What's more, it can even be colored to match the color scheme of the exteriors. However, if you opt for a wooden one, bear in mind that you will need to repaint it occasionally.

    • Thermal Insulation:

      Wooden doors work excellently in keeping the house warm during the winters and cool during the summers. Metal functions in the opposite manner, however, you could still make it work using high-performance glazing and a warm edge spacer.

    • Budget-Talk:

      Between the two, aluminium is lighter on the pocket and this holds true even for the installation charges. So if you are on a tight budget, an aluminium door would be the best fit.

    • Eco-Friendly Choices:

      If you are trying to make a choice that benefits your home and the environment, aluminium doors and windows can be recycled over and over again while wood, is rendered useless after its shelf-life is over.

    With these factors in mind, selecting the right door for your home should be easy as you need to make a choice that specifically caters to your needs and doesn't compromise on security.