• 6 Most Common Mistakes Made When Selecting a Security Door

    Security is an aspect that we want is every sphere of our life. From our finances to our assets to relationships, everything needs to be covered under the umbrella of security. And when it comes to your house, you will definitely want an assurance that it offers you security from intruders, burglars, etc.

    Enter the security door, an enhancement for your premises that makes your property that much more resilient to an attack. But, that again depends on the quality and type of door you select.

    Experts have penned down 6 of the most common mistakes made by people when selecting a safety screen for their property

    Aluminium door with stainless steel mesh in St kilda east

    • Buying It From an Overseas Vendor:

      Now it may seem like an enticing option to purchase the security screen from an international vendor or to buy it online.

      However, experts recommend that you buy an Australian-made model as this not only gives you the option of actually seeing what you're getting and gives you an assurance of the quality but it also helps you for post-sale services and grievances if any.

    • Forgetting to Check for Certification of Quality:

      you're investing money and effort into selecting and installing a security door so you don't want to make a mistake that lands up throwing your money down the drain do you? Another commonly made mistake is when people don't check to ensure what materials have been used to construct it.

      Only a few vendors ensure they make use of premium and sturdy materials, and if the one you select is made from cheap quality it may easily give way when under attack or get spoilt due to exposure to the sun, rain, wind, dust, grime, etc.

      If you cannot find what whether quality materials have been used at least ensure you get a warranty for your purchase.

    • Selecting Paint over Powder-coating:

      Most security doors are painted. However, paint cannot sustain itself against the sun and will begin to fade easily.

      Powder-coating on the other is protective and anti-corrosive in nature. Although it does not promise the absence of damage, it definitely will add to the quality and prolong the life of your security door. So make sure you select a model that is powder-coated, for a more satisfactory purchase.

    • Cheap Handles and Locks:

      Next up, most people tend to falter by not checking the quality of the handle and lock. Considering that this plays an important role in the level of safety you need to ensure that it isn't made of cheap materials and cannot be tampered with easily.

      Again if you aren't sure of the materials and what brand they are from, make sure your purchase comes with a warranty. A quick tip to keep in mind is that mortice locks are better than surface mounted ones. See to it that the lock's body is covered by the door's framework, making it all the more hard for it to be tampered with.

    • Timber Butt Hinges:

      Steel security door with stainless steel mesh in AshwoodWhat a sorry story to tell if all the elements of your security screen are sturdy and tamper-proof but the hinges are the weak link.

      Therefore, experts recommend that you select pin hinged doors as they add to the strength of the door and plus can take the weight of the door with ease.

      Considering that this is the joining part to your house's mainframe, you need to ensure it is sturdy and of good quality.

    • Choosing a Design Without Considering the Landscape of Your Home:

      Your front door is the first thing people see. Quite naturally, it's one of the main elements that shape the impression guests and passersby have of your property.

      Along with the fact that says added security it can also boost the aesthetical look of your home depending on the design you choose. So, avoid making a selection of the design, colour, look, and feel by the first glance.

      When you shortlist designs that you like, compare them on the basis of what looks best with the existing color scheme and landscape of your theme. Keep the theme your property already has in place and choose designs according to that. Because the last thing you want to do is have your door stick out like an odd thumb.

    Finally, you really will avoid all these mistakes if you just go to a vendor who is knowledgeable and certified. This way they offer services which come with a guarantee and since you meet and discuss your needs with them there is no scope for error.

    Plus, you never know you could even talk about customising the design of the security door that it is an accurate match to the dimensions and in terms of the style.