• Mesh vs Grille, Which to Pick for Your Home

    Living in times as now, the need for safety increases day by day. This is why most home-owners in Melbourne prefer to install a security barrier to ensure the safety of their loved ones, as well as of their property.

    When looking for options in security doors and windows, the two most preferred ones that pop up are grille and mesh barriers.

    If you find yourself struggling to decide on which type you want and need to install, then fear not, we are here to help you by filling you in with all the details that you need to know about grille and mesh security doors and windows.

    What are Mesh Safety Doors and Windows?

    A Mesh security door or window is also called a mesh screen door or a mesh screen window. A mesh is a barrier constructed by weaving together different connected strands of materials or fibers.

    Stainless steel mesh doorIn Melbourne, you will notice that the most common material type is the woven wire mesh, it is mainly used to keep pests from invading your property while maintaining the air flow.

    However, this type of mesh barrier tends to rust easily and often in humid areas, therefore requiring you to replace them often.

    If you live in a humid area and are looking for security barrier and windows in materials that don't rust easily, then you should consider installing a stainless steel barrier because their materials do not allow them to corrode easily and provide much more protection as they do not cut easily with a knife, unlike other mesh material security doors and windows.

    The stainless steel mesh barrier is considered as a state of the art barrier as it provides you with a clear view, regulates air floor, and offers safety while rendering a modern aesthetic look. It comes in anodized and powder coated color and is available in different types such as sliding and hinged doors and windows.

    What are Grille Security Doors and Windows?

    Grilles are made of metal due to their heavy-duty purpose and are available in various metals, sizes, patterns, and designs. The most common grille designs are diamond, horizontal, vertical or curved patterns.

    After installation, you can also get your grills coated to the color of your exteriors to match your property. Since grills have been around for quite a while now, most patterns and types are outdated, however, there are still a few new types of grilles available such as;

    Aluminium security door with steel grille

    • Securamesh: which is a sturdy mesh security door that is available in hinged or sliding doors and windows and comes in different colors, sizes and patterns to match the color scheme of your property.
    • Hard Core: which is another type of sturdy grille that is made up of super hard alloy, making the grille stronger than your ordinary steel. This grille also contains an open-view style so it does not obstruct your view, and the grille can be customized into different designs to match your home or property.

    How to Pick between Grille and Mesh Security Doors?

    Picking the right safety door is an important decision as it is a matter of your safety, which is why it is essential to carefully decide only after considering everything first.

    • Before selection and installation, you must first ask yourself, what is the main reason you are installing a security door? Is it to keep out pests? Or is it to keep intruders from entering your property? Do you reside in an environment that has good air-flow?
    • It is essential to stay within your budget, although high end safety doors look more aesthetic and seem to be the best choice, you could also find lower-priced safety doors that can also provide the same kind of protection and function.
    • Before purchasing and installing a safety door, it is essential for you to first identify what type of security barrier will best suit your property structure, area and location. You must also carefully select the color, size and design according to your property to render a perfectly matched appearance.
    • While selecting your security barrier it is important to simultaneously look for locks that will suit your door and window. Avoid purchasing a barrier and then looking for a lock later. The installation of a lock on your security barrier may vary depending on the time and resources which is why you should decide on a lock before your purchase. It is also essential to ask for expert advice to ensure that the lock you chose suits the materials of your doors and windows of your house.

    In a nutshell, regardless of which type of security barrier you choose and install in your home, always keep in mind the reason you are installing a security door and window as well as your home location and exteriors, to ensure you make the best choice.