• Heavy-Duty or Light Security Screen Doors

    Navigating Your Way through the Numerous Possibilities in Security Doors

    A screen door protects you and your family from unwanted pests flying around your house/home.

    Screen doors do not obstruct your view but help in ventilation, allowing air to flow in freely. They are also efficient in preventing all types of debris and insects from entering your home.

    Security is not a big issue in a large settlement, as vehicles are always moving around. And although communities are furnished with security systems you still need security measures of your own that you can rely on.

    The Melbourne market is full of all sorts of screen gates. Those who can afford it will always go for the best in the market. But low budgeted families would have to consider the cost while selecting a screen door.

    Here's a simple breakdown of the different options prevailing in the market, for a better understanding of how to select the right one for you.

    What Differentiates a Heavy Duty From a Light Security Screen Door?

    When comparing a heavy duty and light security screen door, four basic differences can be noticed. These include the construction, quality of material used, mesh or screen, the hardware and the price of it.

    Let's Look at These Four Differences, Which would Suit You, Best.

    • What is the Construction Made Up of?

      Aluminium screen sliding doorA light security screen is well constructed with a framework having reinforced corners and is fitted with mesh.

      You need to be aware as many companies in Melbourne use cheap vinyl with the marketing pitch that vinyl does not decay easily. Steel, when treated with a special coating, does not rust.

      Secondly, the frame of the light security screen door has a strong bar across with the lock is fitted in the handle. So to make these light security designs more secure an additional lock is fitted into the frame.

      On the other hand, heavy-duty security screen doors have a 16 gauge steel frame, sturdy steel or aluminium mesh attached. The corners of the frame are strengthened as steel bars are welded at the corners.

      To prevent scratches and rusting, a steel powder coating that does not give out volatile organic compounds is given to these heavy-duty security doors.

    • Which is Better, Screen or Mesh?

      Light screen doors allow sunlight and ventilation while keeping insects out. These screen doors can be easily cut or broken into.

      On the other hand, as heavy duty screen door are made of 304-grade steel and heavy quality mesh. These too, protect invasion of insects but the inflow of air is less.

      Plus, they are heavy making it difficult for elderly individuals to handle.

    • Add-ons that Make a Difference - Hardware and Locks

      Screen DoorIn Melbourne, manufacturers have stopped manufacturing these security doors with handles and locks. This helps in cutting down the cost and gives you a free hand to select handle and lock as per your choice to suit your pocket and purpose. The best type of lock would be one that can easily slide into the entry frame.

      As an expert tip, always make sure you have your screen door fitted with two locks. These can be keyed/ digital lock that can be opened from inside as well as outside, and a deadbolt as the second. There are many places in Melbourne having a wide variety.

    • Pricing is the Most Glaring Differentiator for Most.

      Many homeowners consider the cost of a purchase to be a decision-influencing factor.

      However, it is important to remember that you can expect results to be as good as the price you have paid. This means that if you are looking for a robust and durable product, you will need to shell out a heavier amount compared to if you are looking to purchase something light-weight. So, while you take your needs into consideration, don't let the cost deter you from making the right purchase.

    Experience the Difference

    Now that you have been enlightened in the area of a security screen door, assuredly the above information will come in handy while making up your mind. Also remember to always seek skilled professional help while making your home secure as a professional influence always makes a marked difference.