• What is a Multi-purpose Security Screen?

    While trying to increase the security of your home, you may have considered installing a security screen door. However, as times and situations have changed, so has the market.

    A simple barrier alone can't provide as much protection from various obstacles and circumstances. Therefore, a multi-purpose safety barrier is essential to provide sufficient protection for your home. While a security screen provides protection from unwanted guests, a multi-purpose one does much more than that.

    A multi-purpose safety barrier renders additional features and protection from varying circumstances such as cyclones, bushfires, etc.

    Advantages of a Multi-purpose Security Shield:

    The primary advantage of a multi-purpose security screen is that it protects you from unwanted guests as well as from unwelcomed or unpredictable situations such as natural disasters.

    The security screen provides protection against bushfire and prevents window fall. Multi-purpose security screen windows and doors also improve the energy efficiency of your home.

    Incombustible Barriers:

    Some barriers have Bushfire Attach Level ratings (BAL) and fire attenuation components that enablesit to provide protection during bushfires.

    • BAL rating is the shield’s ability to withstand fire. This rating is important and applicable for homes that are built in areas prone to bushfires.
    • Fire attenuation is its ability to minimize heat and prevent the spread of flames. It is essential to reduce the impact and intensity of the flames. Thus, it is applicable for all locations and not just fire prone areas.

    Fall Prevention Window Shields:

    Fly Scareen in MentoneA window fall prevention certified barrier signifies that it can withstand external pressure and force. To achieve a fall prevention certificate, the security screen window needs to be tested according to set Australian standards.

    Windows that are placed 6 feet and more higher than ground level require a fall prevention window barrier that suits the National Construction Code requirements.

    With a fall prevention window shield installed, parents can feel more at ease and not worry about their kids or pets falling out of the window.

    Cyclone Rated Barriers:

    Although a cyclone rated barrier might not be a requirement for everybody, it is always best to know that it can withstand and protect you from any unforeseen dangers. It is better to be extra careful than not putting extra thought into details and regretting it later.

    A cyclone rated barrier is essential and especially for individuals living in a cyclone prone location. A multi-purpose barrier's resistance to flying debris and objects should be tested to be accredited as cyclone rated.

    Energy Efficiency:

    These semi-transparent barriers allow an ample amount of light and air flow while preventing direct harsh sunlight to reduce the heat in the room. Therefore, they are known to be energy efficient.

    They also help reduce energy costs as the chances of you turning on the air conditioning instead of opening the window for air ventilation, is low.

    Our Multi-purpose Protective Screens:

    Aluminium Door in Vermont SouthWhile many claims that their mesh barriers are multi-purpose ones, not all of them are certified by recognised authorities or have the correct credentials. Therefore, it is essential that before you purchase a multi-purpose barrier, you should verify its credentials.

    At AAA Security Doors, our security screens live up to their name of being a multi-purpose security screen.

    In a nutshell, a simple barrier can’t provide you as much protection and benefits as a multi-purpose one. Since you shouldn’t compromise on the safety of your family and loved ones, a multi-purpose security screen is beneficial and essential.