• How to Care for Your Fly Screen?

    How to Care for Your Fly Screen?

    Your fly screen may seem like it has only one purpose of keeping the pests at bay, but it also has many benefits that come with it, such as allowing ample sunlight and airflow throughout your home.

    Therefore, a dirty one would not only be a sore sight for your guest's eyes but it would also block the sunlight and air as well as increase the dust in your home. Due to these factors, maintaining it regularly is essential.

    Mentioned Below is the Right Way to Maintain Them without Causing Damage.

    • Gentle Cleansing:

      It is advisable to cleanse them after every 3 months. When maintaining your fly screen, it is important to follow these steps mentioned below -

      1. Remove it or Place Towels to Prevent Creating a Mess:

        For this step, you would need to remove it if it is removable, or place a few towels below it to absorb the water, and to ensure there is no mess.

        Additionally, if it is detachable, you can spray it down with water in your backyard to remove any debris and dirt before you begin the process.

      2. Concoct the Mixture:

        Fill a bucket with warm water and add soap to the water. After you have prepared this soapy solution, use a soft cloth and dip it into the solution. Gently wash the surface to eliminate any grime or dirt build-up.

      3. Rinse:

        Wash your fly screen with a fresh bucket of water to rinse off the soapy solution.

      4. Let it Dry:

        After you have finished washing it with fresh water, let it air dry for a while. If you are working in your backyard then you can leave it in the backyard itself and secure it later after it has dried off.

        However, if you are working indoor, then you can remove the towels and let them dry on their own.

    • Steer Clear of Harmful Chemicals and Equipment:

      Screen DoorIf it looks really dirty and grime-filled, you may be tempted to use harmful chemicals or equipment to scrub the dirt off.

      However, you should avoid doing so as it could cause damage. Whether it is stainless-steel sponges or abrasive-based cleaners, you should steer clear of using them.

      If it still looks dirty after hours of washing, you can use a vacuum hose or go over the area with a soft cloth again and again until the grime rubs off. Once you have finished, do not forget to secure it carefully.

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    In conclusion, fly screens are essential for keeping pests at bay and for allowing an ample flow of sunlight and fresh air. However, dirty and grimy ones are not only unattractive to look at but they can prevent the fresh air from flowing into your home easily.

    Therefore, it is essential to maintain them every once in a while. However, you should do it the right way as not doing so could damage it. By following this right method mentioned above to maintain them, you are prolonging their lifespan and maintaining its efficiency.