• The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Luxury Steel Doors

    The benefits of installing a luxury steel guard for your home are many. They provide energy efficiency, durability, security, and much more. The most attractive benefit of them all is that it needs very little care after it has been installed. However, 'low-maintenance' shouldn't be interpreted as 'no maintenance'.

    To ensure that your luxury steel guard is functioning efficiently and to the best of its capability, it is best to get it maintained every once in a while. This guide will help you understand the various components of a luxury guard and how to efficiently maintain each of these components.

    The first step to maintain your luxury steel door would be to inspect every component and area of the steel door for any crack, blemishes, loose screws, worn out elements, etc. These inspections should also happen as frequently as possible.

    It is important that you leave no spot out and thoroughly inspect, as detecting the problem early will help you take the right steps and prevent the damage from worsening.

    • Glass:

      It is important to inspect your steel door's glass for any chip or crack. A tiny chip on the glass of your steel door could worsen due to fluctuating temperatures and lead to a bigger crack.

      You should also inspect the seal around the glass to see if it is damaged or broken. Sometimes due to a broken seal, water intrusion may occur causing further damage to your steel door.

      It is essential to maintain and regularly inspect the glass on your steel guard for any early signs of damage so that you can get it repaired as quickly as possible.

    • Hardware:

      Custom steel door at OrmondYour lock, knob/handle, and hinges are called the hardware of your entry door. To ensure your door is working efficiently, it is important to check on your hardware every once in a while.

      Inspect to see if all the elements in your door are securely fixed, strong, and functional. If it is not, you can fix them yourself with a screwdriver or better yet, call for a professional maintenance service.

      You must maintain your steel door's hardware by lubricating the hinges and use a special spray for lubricating locks to prevent stickiness.

    • Weather-stripping:

      The weather-stripping also referred to as the gasket around the guard is an essential element of the guard's energy competence. It works as a seal when the door is shut and to prevent the heat from entering into the home. The weather-stripping is available in various materials.

      However, with time it loses its elasticity and is inefficient. You would need to replace the weather-stripping regularly to get the best level of energy efficiency.

    • Panel:

      The major part of your guard is the panels. They are made from steel and thus, need less care.

      To maintain and clean the panels, you will need to use water and mild soap. They do not require much maintenance since the strength and nature of the steel guard are such to make it durable.

      However, cleaning them frequently will keep them in good condition.

    • Frame:

      Steel security door in Carlton.jpgDepending on the size and style of the steel guard that you choose, the frame could either be wood or metal. If your frames are made of steel, they would need less care just like the panel.

      If your frame consists of glass, you should inspect and care for it the same way as mentioned above.

      However, if you have a wooden frame, you would need to maintain it more carefully and more often as wood tends to get damaged easily than steel frames.

      These wooden frames might get gorges or dents that you would need to fill up, sanded, and painted to keep the aesthetics of your door.

    • Sweep:

      Door sweeps are made from silicon, rubber, or other similar materials. They are another important element in energy efficiency. The sweep presses against the threshold to prevent light and air from entering from under the door when the door is shut.

      However, with time, they too get loose or damaged and become ineffective. When this happens, you would need to replace them with new ones.

      Therefore, it is important to maintain your sweep regularly to ensure they are in good condition.

    • Threshold:

      It is the portion that connects the door frame to the ground. Thresholds come in various materials; steel, wood, and aluminium. Since the threshold and sweep come together to keep the air and light from entering the home.

      If you notice a sudden draft and your sweep is in perfect condition, then you should check your threshold. If such a situation arises, you would need to replace the threshold with a new one.

    • Ongoing Door Maintenance:

      Steel security door colac design.jpgAlthough luxury doors are extra durable than regular doors, they still require regular maintenance to be efficient and functional. Dedicate some time to caring for your luxury doors.

      Inspecting and maintaining your steel guards will save you from the trouble and extra expenditure of getting a repair or replacement done.

      Keep a log and track the maintenance, repairs, etc., so you are aware when next it is due or if it has collapsed too soon.

      With a maintenance log, you will know what happened when and what solution was adopted.

    Luxury steel guards provide safety while looking aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to the safety of your loved ones and property, it is best not to take a risk and to ensure that the safety barriers are efficient and working well.

    Since you have invested a bit more than a regular steel guard and opted for a luxury steel guard, it is essential for you to also maintain it to perform to its best capability.

    AAA security doors understand that safety and security should never be compromised and the maintenance of your steel door plays a vital part in the safety of your home.